Philips Ukraine

Lumea in a Big City

Influencer Marketing, 2019

In 2012, Phillips successfully launched a Philips Lumea home photoepilator with a new hair removal technology. In 2019, the brand’s market share was over 80%.

However, in Q4 2019, the entire IPL market began to decline rapidly Why? The market was changing. We needed urgent action to go out of dive – to restore the market growth while maintaining our own share at 80%.

Research showed that we had already built a good level of product awareness. But 42% of potential buyers got stuck at the stage of making a purchase decision. Their fears prevented them from buying. As it turned out, the topic of unwanted hair wais as unwanted as the hair itself. Women were not ready to talk about it. It seems we need to talk openly.

What was done?

Who would women trust if not those with whom they once started talking about her first taboo topics? What would Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte say about photoepilation? Let’s talk about it in a special edition of Lumea in a Big City TV show. We engaged four opinion leaders with different perception of the world, each of whom embodied the iconic character of a friend from the TV show. For three months, they tested the device and discussed various topics, shared experiences, and destroyed the barriers to photoepilation together with female subscribers. During the quarantine, beauty salons were closed, and beauty procedures were done exclusively at home. That’s why we tried to show that you would always have your salon at home if you had the photoepilator – a salon that is safe and open 24/7.


Within 3 months, 2 million women joined our conversation. We inspired them to talk open-mindedly about unwanted hair removal and boldly master new technologies to do that. The project has helped increase the market as a whole and not only maintain Phillips’ share, but even expand it. And no one was afraid of photoepilation anymore.

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