Philips OneBlade


Influencer Marketing, 2018

In 2018, Philips launched their hero-product Philips OneBlade razor-trimmer-styler. All markets demonstrated strong performance, but Ukraine underperformed.

We hardly fulfilled 50% of the sales. Why? Our research has shown that Ukrainian men are the opposite of the global trends in men's grooming:

They don’t like so much hipster beards and bristles;

90% of them shave smoothly/almost smoothly and use a regular razor;

They are more worried about skin irritation, cuts, and skin comfort.

Armed with that information, we decided to make a target to increase our sales by 50% and to become one of Philips’s TOP-5 best markets in 2021.

What was done?

We turned our challenge into advantage. Philips OneBlade razor-trimmer-styler does not provide a super smooth shave, having 1 ml of the distance between the «blade» and the skin? Fair enough. Therefore, it does not irritate the skin! Philips OneBlade is the first electric razor that SHAVES HAIR, NOT SKIN!

We had just 2 months to develop a whole new campaign and no time to film a new TV video. That is why we went digital to spread the new message and get feedback fast. We collaborated with the Ukrainian influencers who picked up our insights for creating their own original local content-filled positive vibe.


3,5 mln coverage on social media

With influencers, we exceeded coverage by 30% of the potential and got CPC (cost per contact) 0,08 UAH. We increased sales of Philips OneBlade + 99% during the campaign period, and we continue growing.

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